Mistress Carly

A sexual Goddess, Mistress Carly is a submissive lesbian's dream! Don't let her looks fool you. Behind that sultry exterior, Mistress Carly is as hard as they come...and with a single stroke of her whip, our Honeys know it!

Mistress Carly punishes our girls in every way possible, from verbal abuse, humiliation and foot worship, to objectification, harsh corporal punishment, bondage, and Domme/sub lesbian sex. And our Honeys love every single degrading second of it!

Height: 5 ft 7" (170 cm)
Bust: 36" DD
Waist: 24"
Hips: 36"
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Brunette/Medium
Dress Size: 10 (UK)

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118 minutes

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Updates with Mistress Carly...

21 mins

Retribution on Nurse Jasmine...

25 July, 2014

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

Nurse Jasmine's been caught abusing her patients, and now her sexual deviancy lands her in a whole heap of trouble... Doctor Carly dishes out STRICT AND KINKY JUSTICE on naughty Jasmine, forcing her to strip, abusing her ample tits and locking her in a spreader bar that FORCES OPEN JASMINE'S PUSSY! Carly paddles Jasmine's ass till it glows, and then takes huge pleasure in abusing her sex hole with VACUUM SUCTION, SEX TOYS, and a DOUBLE-ENDED DILDO that Jasmine will never forget. And Nurse Jasmine deserves it all!! (more for members...)

20 mins

A Dog's Life...

24 March, 2014

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

It doesn't get much more degrading than this! The wonderful Mistress Carly trains Jasmine to be a puppy girl. Collared, made to beg, pant, drink from a bowl and play fetch, Jasmine is rightly put in her place! But after a night in a dog cage, Jasmine is so turned on by the experience she bitch begs to be fucked by Mistress. Mistress is NOT happy, and little doggy Jasmine pays dear... (more for members...)

30 mins

FOR SALE: One Useless Puppygirl!

27 December, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

Puppygirl Jasmine faces degrading punishment and sex, as her trainer Mistress Carly teaches her a lesson she won't forget! Furious at having Jasmine returned to her by a dissatisfied buyer, Mistress Carly will do everything it takes to get Jasmine back into shape for another sale...whatever it involves. She releases Jasmine from her dog cage and whips her with her riding crop. Making Jasmine lick her boots, Mistress Carly examines Jasmine's body and puts her in chains. And now it's time to really check how much more work her puppy bitch needs...with a strap-on! And it's going to be taken DOGGY STYLE of course!!

24 mins

A Very Dirty Habit!

5 July, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

Strict and scary Sister Carly has a very special way to deal with naughty novice nun Jasmine... Reported for masturbating, Jasmine faces an ONSLAUGHT OF HARSH CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS AND KINKY SEX in this extra special roleplay!! Sister Carly pulls down Jasmine's panties and hand spanks her hard. But that is just a warm up. Tying Jasmine to the desk with legs spread open, she treats her bare back side to a LEATHER WHIP, RIDING CROP, CANE AND MORE! Backside glowing red, Jasmine is exhausted but things only get worse for her! Still tied down helpless, Jasmine endures a VIBRATOR, STRAP-ON LESBO SEX AND MULTIPLE FORCED ORGASMS! And just what is Sister Carly going to do with that hot molten wax from her candle?? Sensational! (more for members...)

22 mins

Don't Mess with Madam X!

24 May, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

Just who is Madam X? Jasmine is on the trail and she thinks she has finally discovered her identity... Posing as a journalist, Jasmine tricks her way into Mistress Carly's home. But she is far from welcome. Jasmine awakes to find her suspicions were right! But that's not what's on her mind right now...Chained to the ceiling, ball-gagged and half-stripped, Jasmine is at Madam X's mercy. And there is NONE of that! Madam X indulges her EVERY PERVERTED DESIRE, abusing Jasmine's nipples, ripping open her panties, spanking her till her butt glows red, and FUCKING HER WITH A HUGE STRAP-ON!! (more for members...)

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