Sophia Smith

Sophia is as cute as they come. You might think she looks pretty delicate too, but you'd be surprised. Sophia is a total bondage submissive! She loves nothing (and we mean NOTHING) better than being tied up helpless and punished. She'll even complain if the ropes aren't super tight. That suits us fine! We'll make sure she's as tightly bound as can be, while we make the most of that gorgeous body of hers.

No wonder Sophia is one of the favorite Bound Honeys.

Height: 5 ft 7" (170 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49 kg)
Bust: 32 D
Waist: 24"
Hips: 34"
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown/Long
Shoe Size: 8 (US)
Dress Size: 4 (US)

1300 photos

45 minutes

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Updates with Sophia Smith...

Teaching Sophia a Lesson!

17 January, 2018

16 Minute Video

Sophia Smith, Jasmine Sinclair

We'll allow Jasmine to explain..."When Sophia disobeys my direct orders, it's time she learns some harsh lessons, and I'm in just the mood to give it to her...HARD!! It's not long before I have her stripped totally naked on the floor. I collar her and now there is no turning back; Sophia is my slave and I'm going to have a whole load of bondage fun with her, starting with a roll of bondage tape..." (more for members...)

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Sophia Gets Strappadoed!

29 November, 2017

155 Photos

Sophia Smith

It's always a bad idea if a model says that she's up for anything, like Sophia did. Because we take them at their word! And so we put Sophia in one of the toughest bondage ties there is, the infamous Strappado! And to make it even harsher, we spread her legs wide to show her off to her very best... (more for members...)

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Showing Sophia Who's In Charge!

4 October, 2017

341 Photos & 8 Mins Video
4 Previews Remaining
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Sophia Smith, Jasmine Sinclair

It's Jasmine's turn to be in charge for a change, and she really makes the most of it! Naked, barefoot, and hogtied in hemp rope, Sophia is helpless. Jasmine grab her feet and tickles her soles and toes with her fingers. Sophia hates it, which just makes Jasmine tickle her more! (more for members...)

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Bad Idea to Steal from Mistress...

6 September, 2017

184 Photos & 12 Mins Video
4 Previews Remaining
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Jasmine Sinclair, Sophia Smith

Jasmine needs clothes to go to the party and she doesn't think Mistress would mind if she borrows some of hers. WRONG!!! Mistress is pretty kind to Jasmine most of the time, but not today...She hoists Jasmine's leg up and suspends it from the ceiling! With Jasmine balancing precariously, Sophia whips her tits and her pussy before moving on to even more punishments... (more for members...)

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Alien Seduction...

26 July, 2017

274 Photos & 9 Mins Video
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Sophia Smith, Jasmine Sinclair

.......COMMUNICATION START...EXPEDITION CRAFT ALPHA TO MOTHERSHIP...We have now reached the target planet Earth. Our mission: To bring back Earthlings to our planet where bondage and sex are not just fun, THEY ARE THE LAW!!...To complete our mission, we are taking the form of two highly sexual Earth female humans. We will chain ourselves together, kiss each other, gag ourselves, and grope each other's bodies intimately. No Earthling will be able to resist!!!......

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Surfing the Nets...

28 June, 2017

346 Photos

Sophia Smith, Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine and Sophia are enjoying their glamour shoot, parading their fishnet tops and nylon pantyhose. And the girls do look jaw-dropping...BUT THAT'S NOT WHY THERE ARE HERE AT BOUNDHONEYS!! Our photographer throws them 2 pairs of handcuffs each and tells them to cuff their ankles together and their hands behind their backs! The girls aren't happy, but their embarrassment turns into a CATFIGHT with their nylons getting ripped apart! The photographer cuffs the girls more so they are both fully HOGCUFFED! He ballgags them and sets to work reducing those pantyhose even further to shreds!

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