Sasha Cane

One of the most popular girls on BoundHoneys, and it's easy to see why! Beautiful and incredibly sexy, Sasha has a figure to die for. And not only that, she LOVES bondage and all that goes with it...

Just as happy to be giving out the punishment as receiving it, Sasha is a classic "Switch". Sasha loves trying new things every time we shoot, whether it's a tough new bondage tie, clothes pegs on her clit for her first time ever, or fucking poor tied-up Jasmine Sinclair with a brand new inflatable strap-on!

Height: 5 ft 4" (163 cm)
Bust: 32 E
Waist: 24"
Hips: 34"
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair: Brunette/Long
Shoe Size: 7 (US)
Dress Size: 4 (US)

2312 photos

293 minutes

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Bitch of a Barmaid!

27 November, 2015

164 Photos & 21 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Sasha Cane

Loud-mouth customer Jasmine's trip to the bar lands her in big trouble! Hurling insults at poor barmaid Sasha, Jasmine gets exactly what she deserves when the barmaid bites back... Grabbing Jasmine, Sasha ties her up, pulls off her clothes, and abuses her nipples! Spreading Jasmine's legs WIDE APART with a wooden bar, the barmaid takes full advantage of her rude customer, spanking her till her butt cheeks glow. Jasmine DROOLS down her chest adding to her humiliation. And now out come Sasha's DILDO and STRAP-ON! This barmaid is going to really enjoy getting her revenge on Jasmine!!

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30 October, 2015

193 Photos & 24 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Sasha Cane

BoundHoneys' Special!!!

On this Halloween, we ask... ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW WHAT IS REAL?

Jogging through the woods, Jasmine wakes to find herself stripped and BOUND SPREAD & HELPLESS to an iron bed with a KINKY NURSE looking down on her! Some kind of crazy, freaky asylum! What the hell is happening?? The nurse oils Jasmine's body and CUTS OFF her panties. Jasmine wants to know what she is doing there, but the nurse won't reply. The nurse examines Jasmine's pussy, opening it with tweezers. She sticks CRUEL CLOVER CLAMPS on Jasmine's nipples as she continues her work... The nurse gets Jasmine to suck a STEEL DILDO before ramming it inside Jasmine's sex hole for the first of her orgasms! Mounting Jasmine, the nurse uses Jasmine tongue on her clit to orgasm herself! And now it's time for a shared sexual deviant experience, nurse and patient... But what is real exactly? (more for members...)

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Hell Hath No Fury...

4 September, 2015

228 Photos & 19 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Sasha Cane

...Like a Woman Scorned! And Jasmine finds that out the hard way in this INTENSE BONDAGE POWERPLAY! Sasha discovers Jasmine's affair with her husband, and she takes everything out on the blonde! Getting Jasmine to strip naked in front of her, Sasha humiliates her further by groping her body and fingering her sex hole! She binds Jasmine in INESCAPABLE CABLE TIES and continues her punishments! Getting Jasmine into the bedroom, she uses more cable ties to bind Jasmine SPREADEAGLE with her pussy wide open and waiting Sasha's desires... Jasmine gets used as a LIVING BONDAGE SEX TOY by the crazed Sasha, taking tit abuse and being brought to orgasm by her. Then Sasha wants some oral sex of her own, and Jasmine's mouth will do perfectly...!!

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